‘From the Sea’ a YA novel for older readers

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What's the book about?

‘’From the Sea’  is an Young Adult novel about love, loss, abandonment and the fracturing of the self, but ultimately about integrity and forgiveness.

The book is set in a remote river system in the Kimberley, Western Australia, and in the western NSW desert on the Paroo River system near White Cliffs. These isolated and ancient landscapes of Northern Australia and the central desert country are integral to the narrative; the landscape itself functioning as an important and dramatic character in the story.

 Martin Wooten is a palaeontologist, whose wife, Monique, drowns attempting to save their child, Marina. Unable to deal with the despair her death brings, Martin leaves Marina with his sister and disappears. The early part of the book explores Martin’s desolation and unravelling as he attempts to cope with his wife’s death, and his meeting with the enigmatic Kimberley woman, Jessie.

The narrative focuses on Marina’s story from her rescue as a four-year-old through to her teenage years, and her meeting with Nicholas Keating (the man who saved her life). Throughout her life she has maintained a relationship with Ohanna Becket a friend of her mother’s, and a well known photographer and documentary film maker. Ohanna is working at Paroo Downs when Marina, now eighteen, arrives at there with the intention of remaining for a year and forcing a reunion with her father.

Martin is engaged in the excavation of a Kronosaurus, a rare and immense Cretaceous period reptile of the ancient Eromanga Sea that once covered inland Australia.
The new relationship is extremely difficult for both of them and is maintained only because of Marina’s persistence. Under Marina’s determined campaign, her father finally acknowledges his need for herself and for Jessie, and the hope that he may be able to develop more truthful connections and enduring relationships with both.