Paddy McCann, Time Shifter

‘Paddy McCann, Time Shifter’ was first published by Thomas Lothian, South Melbourne.
‘Paddy McCann, Time Shifter’ is available online as an ebook to purchase or borrow through Amazon Kindle Books.

Want to know why your socks go missing?
Can't find your schoolbooks?
Wonder why everything ends up under your bed?
Blame Paddy McCann,
your times-forty great-grandson
who's researching his ancestors - - You!

What's Paddy McCann about?

Paddy McCann is in trouble. Not only does he have the most cantankerous teacher in Castlemaine College picking on him, but also his research project (a lost dog from 2008AD) has just run away and lost himself in 3005AD..

Paddy need to prove that he is responsible before he is allowed to visit the 21st century again, but things keep getting in the way. Things like jellyfish, skunks, lost socks and bossy Erian Tovasser.

When finally he arrives, and just as he's learning to master the problems of wheels (on bikes, cars, skateboards and trains), he and all his other classmates are recalled to school… but not before Paddy lands himself in dire strife… more than even he could imagine.

Paddy's got himself into a disaster zone in the 24th century, his teachers are furious with him, the world is suddenly in crisis, but the man whose life he's saved sees it very differently.

So is Paddy McCann the worst troublemaker of the century? Or has he just saved the world?

Additional comments from Bron Blake

I've always thought that there has be a far better reason for losing things, than your own forgetfulness — I mean, what about when you've just put your bag on the table, you come back in two minutes, and it's gone. Why does your homework, keys, shopping lists, socks, etc, etc, go missing and end up under your bed? Or worse, under that bit of paper where you just looked five seconds ago. How come the most annoying member of the family can always walk in and pick up something you've just spent ages searching for? 'Is this what you lost twenty minutes ago? It was right under your nose!' Grrrr!

After years and years of thinking about this, I've decided that lost objects are taken by time travellers — school students — doing historic research, and that sometimes their timing is off! I had great fun writing, or should I say, exposing, Paddy as the source of many of my headaches. I hope he gets the message!

By the way, the mouse soup really happened. Thanks to my kids, Daedra, who made the soup, and Kieren who let the mouse out… And, some students at Eltham High, a few years ago, might remember the day the school was evacuated because of a 'gas leak'. Thanks Mark!

If you enjoy the exploits of Paddy, look out for the sequel. It has a working title (a temporary title) of Paddy McCann, Protector, and it takes you further into the dark, dangerous and funny world of Paddy trying to save the world again! And you'll never guess what with….. no, really, you'll never guess… promise.