Paddy McCann, Protector.  [Book 2]

‘Paddy McCann, Protector ’ is available online as an ebook to purchase or borrow through Amazon Kindle Books.


Paddy McCann! He’s back again. Is he trying to save the world or just his skin?
A terrible crisis is about to engulf the world and Paddy is at the centre of it. Brutal gangs, led by the worse dictator in history, have their sights set on stealing the most important secret the world has ever developed... and the two people inventing it; Anders Ulverson and Paddy McCann.
Is he still the worst student in Castlemaine Second School according to Mr Jacks, or is he Mr Protector of the greatest genius who ever lived? 
And… is Paddy McCann the hero anyway… or is it really six thousand furious bull ants?


Additional comments from Bron Blake

I had so many requests for a sequel to ‘Paddy McCann, Time Shifter’, I thought I’d better find out what the boy was up to. It’s amazing the trouble that Paddy can cause without even trying... and if you’re thinking of a quick trip to the Amazon River... especially by plane... maybe put it off!